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I teach principles and strategies to renew mindsets in order discover your specific potential and purpose.

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As a coach, I teach principles and strategies to renew mindsets in order to discover your specific potential and purpose. Done to wake the sleeping army of young women of color who struggle with feelings of abandonment and rejection due to not having the validation and security that can only a loving father can give. Get support through your journey to becoming the daddy’s little girl you have
always desired to be.

As a consultant, I instruct individuals and groups to scale their influence in areas that impact young women of color with a renewed mind to overcome issues of abandonment and rejection due to not having the validation and security that only a loving father can give.

What My Former Students Say...
(2006 - 2007)

Sharlene Brown

You taught me how to carry myself as a young lady. You taught me the value of self-respect and standing up for what's right. I use to love how you taught because you had a sense of fire. That flame didn't go out. You knew what you were teaching and you spoke with a strong back. I respected you then and I still respect you now. You are bold and you are high-spirited just like you were then.

Joshua O’Quinn

Ms. Davis! Hands down my favorite teacher. Of course, there were other teachers who were nice and very knowledgeable. However, you made learning a personal experience for me, and you did it in a way that did not have a negative impact on the integrity of the curriculum. I can say I specifically appreciated being able to talk to you about any issue or shortcoming and not feel judged or inadequate. There were a lot of influences on me that led to the person I am today but when it comes to teaching and mentoring you are my primary source of inspiration. You’ve definitely had a positive impact on me which led to me being able to do so for others. If I never said it before thank you! You are an amazing educator and an even more amazing person.

Alaetra Corley

As my middle school teacher, Mrs. Davis taught me that no challenge is too hard if you apply yourself and give it 100 percent.

English wasn’t my best subject. Brainstorming and generating ideas for papers was easy for me, but putting my ideas where they flow smoothly in a paragraph wasn’t. I often used to get frustrated. Mrs. Davis would take her time to help me one-on-one. She showed me that she cared and because she cared I wanted to apply myself even more.

Charlie Wider

Mrs. Davis was more than a teacher she was a mother to me. Her daughter Ashley and I were classmates and I would tell
Ashley, “Your mom is the best!” Growing up my grandparents raised me. Though my mom was there, our relationship wasn’t as strong. Mrs. Davis made sure I knew my math in middle school but also pushed me to be the best version of myself. I am a better man today because of her. I am also done with my master's degree because of her. Today, I work for corporate America because of her encouragement, tough love, and guidance. I thank God for a teacher and role model like her.





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